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    It might have something to do with Kyle Hunter being on a 56-24 roll!  OR

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    Tony George Cleaning Up on 43-29 Run (59.7% Run)!

    Here is the deal friends, There Is No Better Deal for Sports Bettors Like You than becoming a VPID member. For only $99.99 a month you will get Top Plays from Sean Higgs, Kyle Hunter, Tony George, Jim Mack and me, Doug Upstone and Awesome Systems that Only Build Your Bankroll.


    Let me explain, anybody have you on 20-8 (71.4%) Totals System in the NCAA Tournament? Did not think so.

    How about a trio of select NBA systems, this season only, that are 60-22, 73.1%? Probably not.

    Want to know what Wise Guys are playing tonight? That could cost you $500 a day, but not by being a VPID Inner Circle member!

    You can keep paying $30 to $50 a day or $299 for a month of service and get a narrow look at one persons plays OR you can become a VPID Inner Circle member for $99.99 a month and Find Out What Real Winning is about at

    Still cannot decide, How Does $9.00 for a week to test dive sound?

    Become a VPID Inner Circle Member Today, where Winning is Fun!!

    VPID Free NBA System – Play On road underdogs of 10 or more points (LA LAKERS)  attempting 24 or less free throws/game, with a shooting percentage defense of 48% or worse on the season. (45-15 ATS, 75.0%)


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