You Bet Sports? Spend More Time Enjoying Life!


This pictures shows what you should be doing, having fun enjoying life, instead of fretting about every made basket, bad foul call or dealing with batter’s or pitcher’s having an off night.		Let the FIVE (really) documented experts from put you on the fast lane to Real Profits and No BS about hitting 80 percent month after month, because that does not happen.

Instead let me, Doug Upstone, Sean Higgs, Kyle Hunter, Tony George and Jim Mack do all the work and you kick back and have fun. (See latest Hot Streaks Below)

We will RESEARCH EVERYTHING, plus provide West Coast Wise Guys consensus, Super Systems and more at!

Do we all win every day, of course not, nobody does, despite others’ (fake) claims. What we do assemble great information that takes you from the start of a particular sport to Money in Your Pocket at the end of that season.		Just think of all those Corona commercials over the years and find that place of living life and making money as a sports bettor by going to and get started with our Special Offer of 7 days for $9.00 and Get Ready to Start Counting the Cash! (Auto renewal subscription, cancel any time)

Want more info, call or text me, Doug, at 480.205.9388 or email me at and enjoy betting sports again.


Current Hot Streaks:

* Sean Higgs No.5 in 2017 at SportsCapping and No. 1 in MLB and No.2 in NHL

* Kyle Hunter 40-21 NBA Run

* Tony George 7-3 NBA Play Run

* Doug Upstone 218-163 in MLB since 2016 (up $4,000)

* Jim Mack 16-9 Best Bet Run


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