Yankees Closeout Red Sox With Sunday Night Victory


After tonight’s battle, there will still be 10 more times where Boston and New York will collide. Tonight’s outcome will matter just as much as all future confrontations, given the circumstance.

I get it and so does Swinging Johnson, not every single Red Sox and Yankees game over the last 15 years is epic and is a not foreshadowing of who will play in the World Series.  However, this season is different and while Houston still wears the crown of baseball’s best, the stakes of these matchups are extremely high, even if it is just the start of July.

These are the two best teams in baseball and both are on pace to win 100 games. The issue, one of these clubs is going to end up as the wild-card team in spite of possibly having the second-best record in baseball. Though one squad would have a home game in a wild-card contest, are they an absolute certainty for MLB picks to beat a James Paxton or a Justin Verlander in a one and done skirmish?

That is why every game matters between these rivals, as winning the division is tantamount.

To a lesser degree, the same is true for Swinging Johnson and me.  I knew he thought he was going up 2-0 on me when Philly had a 6-2 lead last Sunday before Washington scored the last six runs to even us up at 1-1 for SNB.

The opening MLB odds have New York as a -200 home favorite with a total of 8 in the series finale. Here is why the Yankees win this game.

Yanks Have Better Starting Pitcher

At the beginning of last season, the impatient New York press was beginning to wonder if Luis Severino (12-2, 2.10 ERA) was really going to make it as a starting pitcher. Having suffered a few dings in 2016 at still only 22 years old, too many wanted immediate results or else. Move ahead to this season and the brilliance Severino is showcasing, now the talk in the Big Apple is where will he fit among the all-time Yankees’ greats at 24. #toofunny



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