Wise Betting Tips For The NBA Playoffs

NBA Championship Trophy

The NBA Playoffs are getting underway and for the most part, they have almost nothing to do with the regular season. We annually hear the postseason is a different animal and that is particularly true in the NBA where intensity really picks up, especially on defense.

Here is a list of factors to consider for picking the overall champion, series betting, game by game against the spread and totals.

Betting The NBA Champion

In a past article written here at ScoresandStats.com, we covered this topic. (Note: Just link it ) Since 1970, only one team that was not a Top 3 seed in either conference has won the championship. (Houston 1995) Look at those six teams to make your bet.

Matchups, Matchups, Matchups

The most important aspect for series or game betting is comparing the teams. Does one team do something superior to the other or someone have a weakness that can be exploited? That is where every sports bettor should start.


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This is discovered in various statistics relating to shooting percentage (offense and defense), points per possession (offense and defense), rebounding and turnovers. This can also be found in head to head matchup for the season. Did one team dominate the other? If so, how did that happen and why? If you as the basketball bettor can identify those edges, you will win with far greater consistency.



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