Winnipeg vs. Vegas Series Update: Can the VGK Really Reach The Cup Finals?


If you are a hockey fan or bettor, you are continually amazed what Vegas is accomplishing as an expansion team. Sure they had advantages prior expansion teams did not, but does anyone really think those other clubs would be this close to reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in their first season? Of course not.

When looking at the Vegas roster and where all these players came from, how many decision-makers on the teams the Golden Knights players came from, have a serious case of sellers remorse?

With a victory on home ice in Game 4, Vegas would need just one more victory over Winnipeg to advance to the Finals. Is Vegas REALLY this good or is this like this the “Mighty Ducks” movie in real life? And what if anything can Winnipeg do to stop this runaway freight train?

The Important Series Numbers

Since trailing 4-1, Vegas has outscored the Jets 8-3 and won the last two contests. Of Winnipeg’s seven total goals tallied, three have come via the power play, which shows they are being out-played to whatever degree at even strength.

When looking deeper into the stats, one element just jumps out of the computer screen in this series and it’s been a massive deciding factor.



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