Winners To Tankers – What Bettors Need To Know About The American League


The game of baseball has changed dramatically and in some cases for the better. Today when teams have little chance to win, they most often just crater and start over. Largely, the results of tanking have been fruitful and it is way better than what teams like the Chicago Cubs did almost for a century, hoping to win but never really trying.

Today’s game is about who is chasing championships and who wants to start building towards one. If you are somewhere in the middle, that might be the worst place of all.

However, for baseball bettors, these are not the grandest of times. With such disparity, money lines are at some of the highest levels ever, forcing bettors to make fewer bets with so many -200 or higher favorites and ugly underdogs in the same range of +200, just on the opposite end. What then is the best course of action if you are betting baseball, let delve in by looking at the American League.

Backing The Elite’s

The two best bets in the junior circuit are the team’s Middle America hates, Boston and the New York Yankees. These hated rivals have it all, pitching, hitting and bullpens. Their strength is shown in total domination where the Red Sox are 17-3 in games decided by four or more runs and the Bronx Bombers are 16-6.



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