Why Baseball Bettors Should Be Paying Attention to the Red Sox, Pirates and Mets


Boston being in first place in the AL East is not a surprise since they won the division last year. But after all the hype about the New York Yankees in the off-season, one got the impression the Red Sox were strictly ‘wild card’ material.

Off last year’s disaster, the Metropolitans were believed to have potential and could rebound from a losing club to a playoff squad like Arizona and Minnesota did last year. And in the early season, New York has responded marvelously.

Pittsburgh in first place in the NL Central? Safe to say nobody saw that coming even for a day. Nevertheless, the Bucs are playing outstanding baseball.

Making money betting baseball can often be about timing and catching teams at the right time. The way these three teams are playing, the time is now to back them before the tide turns and here is why they have performed so well.

Red Sox and Mets Doing Everything Well

Boston and the guys from the Queens are hitting the ball and shutting down the opposition. The Red Sox are 4th in baseball in scoring and the Mets are 6th. In averaging their 5.6 runs per game, the BoSox are 2nd in the American League in batting average, 1st in on-base percentage and 3rd in OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage). While it is still a concern they are 11th in home runs in the AL, they are not last like last season and eventually, J.D. Martinez will heat up and hit homers when the weather is at least tolerable.



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