Who’s Hot as We Head Towards December NHL Betting?


As we bid ado to the first quarter of the NHL season, time to take a look at who has done what to polish off November and see if they will twinkle like Christmas lights or be like a blown light bulb.

Who Is Trending Upward?

Tampa Bay helped those making NHL picks earn a good chunk of change to start the season by winning nine of 11 and really have not slowed since in building the biggest lead among the division leaders. The Lightning are t brief flash of light either, being 1st in scoring and on power play percentage and 4th in scoring defense. After a rather rugged four-game road trip starting No.24th, Tampa Bay returns home for four winnable contests.

Columbus has won five in a row and they would like nothing better than defying the NHL odds and win 14 straight times they did last December. Not sure they will reach that level because their offense is right around 20th in goals scored, but defensively the Blue Jackets are top notch and ranked second goals allowed. The next couple weeks are not imposing and Columbus should win more than they lose.



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