Where the Money is on the Money Line for NHL Hockey Best Bets


The other day we talked about the what have been NHL hockey best bets on the puck line and today we turn our attention to where you should be shopping on the money line for profits.

The NHL odds on the money line are far simpler, pick the right winner and pick up the cash. Of course it is not that easy, especially in hockey where annually you can count on one hand what teams win more than 60 percent of the time. Plus, you have to pay the freight to back favorites and picking underdogs is no easy way to making money. For NHL picks, here is the best of the best this season on the ice.

Winning Best Bet Teams

I have had countless discussions with fellow bettors about playing underdogs in hockey, preferring to stick with mostly favorites. Once again my point is proven correct as the teams currently with the three best records also have made the most for backers.

Washington 51-25  +13.4 units

Columbus 49-26  +18.6 units

Chicago  49-28  +12.9 units

These have not been the best three squads all season, but the Capitals and Blue Jackets have been near the top of this leader board for nearly three quarters of the season and if you have been paying close attention, the Blackhawks have been smoldering since February. Sure some the big money line losses will hurt, but clearly the winning outweighs temporary pain.

Losing Best Bet Teams

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com	As good as wagering on winning teams can bet, it is actually more profitable to bet against bad clubs in the rink.

Colorado -30.4 units  20-56 record

Los Angeles -16.8 units  36-40 record

New Jersey -16.3 units    27-49 record

The Avalanche has been exactly as bad as advertised and sportsbooks have tried mightily to entice those betting hockey with massive underdog money lines, but to no avail, because Colorado has been so dreadful. The Devils have the third-worst record in the league and they have been consistently bad and why they are below Arizona despite a slightly better record, the Coyotes have pulled off more big underdog victories. The Kings, they were supposed to be a contender in the Pacific Division, but having a 10-9 SU record as -150 or larger favorite does quite a bit of damage.


Doug Upstone wrote this for www.sportsbookreview.com


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