What’s Wrong With the Los Angeles Dodgers? (And Will They Fix It)


The Los Angeles Dodgers lost to Houston in the World Series in seven games, the last at Dodger Stadium and that had to hurt. With several months to let it go and move on, one would assume that would happen. Every team that reaches the apex of the sport but falls short always says the next season they have forgotten about and this a new season.

Except, it doesn’t always work out that way. Oft times, after a completely different season has passed, players will confide that they still had a hangover, but just didn’t realize it at the time.

This seems to be the case with the team in blue, still wondering how their vaunted bullpen could have crumbled at the worst time and where the needed clutch hits went.

But let’s not bury the Dodgers, they are one week away from turning this around. Let’s not forget the Chicago Cubs, the then World Series champs were 43-45 at the All-Star break a year ago before returning to the NLCS for a third straight year.

Dodgers Offense is Stalled

Last year Los Angeles finished 5th in the National League in scoring at 4.8 runs a game. Players like Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Yasiel Puig, the now-injured Logan Forsythe have gotten off to sluggish starts and only recently has Cody Bellinger started to come around after breakout season.

The Dodgers are 8th in scoring in the senior circuit presently, down to 4.5 RPG. No question not having Justin Turner in the heart of the lineup is costing them and the trickle effect his presence means for everyone cannot be understated.



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