What Will Supreme Court Ruling Mean to College Football Bettors?


We have heard the last few days that sports, as we know them will change forever because betting on sports, will now be legal. In some ways, this is like the end of Prohibition like in 1933 (Google it to learn more), where illegal activities were common and were kept under wraps, but a lot of people were doing it anyway.

This rolling back of a previous law opens up some many possibilities it is mind-boggling. At this point almost anything is possible and at least in the short-term, can be expected to happen.

So what should college football bettors look for this fall and possibly in the near future, let’s examine.

Betting Talk/Shows Will Be Everywhere

If you thought at times there was too much information to help you make your best decisions, it’s going to be dramatically worse. Every major television network and online presence will be talking football betting and going deep into it. There will be plenty of sponsors looking to entice new and existing bettors.

Their information will be the “best in the industry” with a “proven track record of success”. But think of it this way, who on ESPN, FS1/FOX, CBS, NBC or other major outlets do you really listen to when it comes to the NFL? Exactly, these so-called experts offer little tangible advice to pick SU winners let alone beating the spread.



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