Wet Conditions: What is Means for Baseball Bettors


For those generating MLB picks are baseball bettors there is a lot to consider, starting pitchers, bullpens, certain pitcher vs. hitter’s matchups and how either team is playing when they meet and more.

This typically is more than enough for your normal person studying the betting odds to arrive at a decision for sports picks. However, there is one more area baseball handicappers concern themselves with and that is the weather.

In this case wet weather and what it can mean to a game on a variety of levels. Let’s take a gander at particular elements you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time thinking about, but it should cross your mind with a significant chance of rain in the forecast.

Understanding Drizzle and its Impact

To begin, let’s start with the impact of drizzle and what it means. If the forecast calls for light rain throughout a game, consider what it could mean. Let’s say Bryce Harper of Washington has another hot streak, but he’s playing through a minor hamstring problem, which is tolerable but something he and the Nationals are aware of.

Say you check out the MLB odds at sportsbooks and you might see there is a 70 percent chance of light rain, no big deal right? An hour before the game starts manager Matt Williams decides to sit Harper, not wanting to risk injury on a wet field. There is no way to say Harper playing or not would mean a winning wager for you, but having in the lineup will only enhance your chances with the Nationals.




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