We look for more Winners this Friday


    Sweet goodness, another 3-0 day lifts us to 110-57. This evening we have an 81.8 percent system in the AL Central and our Top Trend is majestically perfect. Though Ron of the LCC isn’t perfect in a lot ways (gotcha Ron), he’s been that way around here for a long time and has another top Free play. Good Luck

    What I thought today – The Yankees and Braves are very interesting run line options tonight, just not for me.

    I almost forgot. I saw on Twitter that Gary Busey said he had worked with Mel Gibson and in his opinion, Gibson is indeed a racist. I thought what better person to judge character than a whack job like Busey.

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    Free Baseball System -1) Play Against home underdogs with a money line of +125 to +175 like the Tribe, who are below average AL hitting team (BA .265 or less), against a team with a solid bullpen whose ERA is 3.75 or lower, playing on Friday. I’m not sure what this day of the week has to do with system, but no arguments with 43-10 record.

    Free Baseball Trend -2) The teams C.C. Sabathia has pitched for the last three seasons are 15-0 vs. clubs averaging 2.75 or less extra base hits per game in the second half of the year.

    Free Baseball Pick -3) Ron pushed his streak to 58-15 with two more winners yesterday and is thinking the Astros will sky-rocket to victory.

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