Way Too Early Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds – Guess Whose Favored?


The Philadelphia Eagles are the champions of the NFL for the first time since 1960 and they have picked up their first Super Bowl trophy. All is wonderful in Philly, even the cheesesteaks taste juicier.

With Carson Wentz coming back, the NFL odds should be favoring the Eagles to fly high again with a great chance to repeat with a thoroughly loaded roster. Right? Well, close, just not quite. Philadelphia comes in with the second-best odds, right behind……wait for it (like you didn’t know), New England.

As long as some coach still prefers to wear cutoff sweatshirts and their quarterback is not using a cane when dropping back to pass, the Patriots will continue to be favored. Of course, a lot could happen between now and the start of the 2018 season, but there are early indicators.



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