Watch Out for the New York Mets, They Could Be Amazin’


It did not use to be this way, where baseball teams came out of nowhere and improved by 15 or 20 games from one season to the next, other than the occasional outlier club that pulled that off.

But that is more common today. A team can sign a free agent pitcher, the rest of the other starting pitchers come together at the same time and for whatever reason a reconfigured bullpen gels. Toss in three or four hitters have career years and the injury bug does not bite and a team can go from 90 losses to 90 wins in the span of the year.

Last season we had Minnesota go from 59 wins to 85 and Arizona from 69 W’s to 93 and both were in the playoffs. Who will be this year’s surprise team? Read on baseball bettor.

It Starts With Pitching in the Big Apple

With the hiring of Mickey Callaway as manager, this signaled the end of old-school thinking in the New York organization. Callaway came from Cleveland after two very successful seasons as their pitching coach and he’s embraced the new metrics of the sport.



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