Want To Make Money Betting Hockey, Follow This Simple Stat


We all know wagering on sports is no simple task and to win consistently you need the best information you can find. However, sometimes it just pays not to over think the obvious.

While great information is not always easy to find, on occasion, something falls into your lap that cannot be ignored and makes so much sense its almost laughable.

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		When looking over the NHL odds, there is a very telling statistic this season that stands out, the success of teams when playing even strength or 5-on-5 hockey.

What the chart below shows is goals scored and allowed and the number of positive units backing these teams has produced. (Thanks in part to sportscharts.com on 2/03/17)

  Team Even Strength Goals Even Strength Goals Against Units Won
1 Washington 130 77 8.7
2 Minnesota 132 88 11.5
3 Pittsburgh 133 100 5.8
4 Columbus 124 94 16.8
5 Montreal 115 88 3.7
6 N.Y. Rangers 132 109 4.2
7 Chicago 116 98 3.2
8 San Jose 107 93 6


What we find is the best teams are able to play consistently well. Being able to win or lose the special teams does matter, particularly in individual games, but having the skill to beat another team for the majority of time in most contests proves that this group of teams have better players, more line depth and can prevent the opposing teams from scoring.

Not every time, but sometimes when making NHL picks, the old K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) method certainly does work.


Doug Upstone wrote this for www.sportsbookreview.com


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