VPID Experts Will Make You Money Betting Baseball


I hear this all the time “I don’t bet baseball because I either don’t have time, don’t follow it closely enough or don’t understand how to do it.”

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		While all those might be true in individual cases, Here is my question to you…..

If you could make more money to bet for next football season would you be interested?

If you answered “Yes” Keep Reading.

Last year, Doug Upstone, Kyle Hunter and Sean Higgs combined to make baseball bettors over $6,300.00 with an average wager of approximately $110 per bet. Think about that, would that kind of cash bring a smile to your face? Ya, we thought so.

Even if only bet half that amount, that is over 3 Grand of extra cash for you to use how you see fit.


Where do you find this opportunity, at www.VegasProInsidersDaily.com.

Oh yea, one more important aspect, that’s only part of what you get, because VPID experts Tony George and Jim Mack also release highly selected plays each week, PLUS, you will get every Top Play for the rest of college basketball and for the upcoming NBA and NHL Playoffs!

In addition, my priority systems will add further cash to your bankroll and these systems will also make you a smarter and wiser sports bettor.

You cannot make money sitting on the sidelines. Don’t let time be an excuse, all you have to do is open your email, take a few minutes to read over all this unbelievably valuable material, pick your games, bet them and your done for day. Simple right!

Sportsbooks hate the baseball season, because the sharps are on the loose, like those in the VPID Inner Circle, who have the pulse on betting baseball, crunching the numbers daily and finding the edges.

Sign up today for Just $99.99 a month for baseball, the NBA playoffs, the Stanley Cup playoffs and more and before you know it, football will be here.

Join at www.VegasProInsidersDaily.com or if you have more questions, send them to dougupstone@vegasproinsidersdaily.com or call me directly at 480.205.9388.


Free MLB Pick – San Diego Padres  O/U66.5 total wins

Right now, San Diego is where the Chicago Cubs were often for decades, clueless; dysfunctional and rebuilding. The first two years of GM A.J Preller’s regime have been filled with curiosity and losing. If you look at the Padres roster, even to the more ardent baseball fans, there are not many familiar names. The everyday lineup will struggle to score runs consistently, the starting pitching staff is laughable and the bullpen lacks talent and will be overworked by the All-Star break. Having to face the Dodgers, Giants, possibly improving Arizona and Colorado, plus the other top teams in the NL, I cannot think of why San Diego does not lose 105 games and is a great UNDER play.


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