VPID Betting NFL Football Has Miami Finding a Way to Cover in Cincinnati


This Thursday night clash pertaining to betting NFL football has quite a bit of mystery as neither Miami or Cincinnati are where they hoped to be going into Week 4 of the season.

Both these AFC teams are 1-2, though both have not had user-friendly schedules that lead to easy victories. Neither club wants a 1-3 start and while that is not insurmountable to make the playoffs, it is an uphill the last three quarters of the season.

Here is your Thursday night football breakdown from handicapper who is 8-2 this season here making NFL picks.

Miami Covers If……..

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		Let’s be truthful, the Dolphins were lucky to beat Cleveland, needing OT to do so. Yet a win is win in the NFL and Miami is happy to get that first one. Ryan Tannehill is at best an average NFL quarterback, but in new head coach Adam Gage’s passing offense, it is about making a read or two and letting the pigskin go. Making reads is not Tannehill’s strong suit, but he is improving and has to, with running game now by committee. With Cincinnati pass defense beatable, Tannehill must be on target.

Defensively, Miami has to do a better job of attacking the line of scrimmage, as the defensive linemen are not staying in lanes and linebackers are either not filling gaps or are too close to linemen and are getting blocked is the tow. Dolphins have to take away Bengals running game and double A.J. Green to force Dalton to look elsewhere.

Cincinnati Covers If………

In the Bengals losses to Pittsburgh and Denver, too many turnovers (4) and penalties, seemingly always at the most inopportune time. Cincinnati will have to clean this up and the defense as a whole has to be a lot sharper. Case in point is nine touchdown passes permitted in just three games. There has been too much time for opposing quarterbacks to throw and the players in the secondary are not maintaining coverage.

Cincinnati did a good job running the ball on Denver and will need to establish Jeremy Hill against running at the Miami defense which is not known as exactly being tough-minded when the opposing team lines up and runs the ball. This is what the Bengals need to do, pound away at Dolphins with running game, which sets up play-action passing offense, which is QB Andy Dalton best skill.

Your Thursday Night Winner is?




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