Utah’s Defense and Experience Too Much for Young Lakers


The Utah Jazz is trying to solidify their position in the Western Conference as the No. 4 seed which would give them a home court advantage in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, which start next Saturday.

In a cluttered Western Conference chase for playoff positioning, Utah has risen above the fray with four straight victories (2-2 ATS). Add those wins to how the Jazz started playing in early March and they are a major roll at 13-3 (8-8 ATS). This massive hot streak has propelled Utah from 10th in the West to fourth place.

Now the Jazz looks to wrap up a Round 1 home court advantage starting in Tinsel Town against the Lakers. The NBA odds have not been posted yet, but we are anticipating Utah to be in the -5 to -7 range.

Utah Controls Their Destiny

What changed for coach Quinn Snyder’s club to be so dominating? It all starts with the “The Stifle Tower”. Center Rudy Gobert is 7’1 and has a wingspan of 7’9 (really). Blessed with those gifts and an innate ability in timing to block shots, the Frenchman is arguably the No.1 defender in the NBA. “Gobert is a defense unto himself,” Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said before a loss in Utah last month.



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