Top Seven Keys to Profiting During March Madness


Other then the Super Bowl, there is no other sporting event where people are as prone to wagering on sports. Filling out a bracket is part of the American culture, along with handing over the money to who is running the pool.

If you like to bet sports, the same is also true during this hectic time of year, where craziness is the norm. Among the places you can wager is at Bovada, which has an A-rating at universally recognized watchdog,

Here are seven keys to winning your bracket (if you are really serious) or winning cold hard cash when betting basketball in March.

1) Understand Profile of Tournament Winners

After the tournament fields have been announced, the most common methodology will be to advance seeds that are either 1, 2 or 3. Lower seeds on occasion will be crowned champions, but not often. For the more sophisticated person who REALLY wants win, consider this profile. Champions most often have NBA quality guard and big man. More often than not, at some point they had winning streak of 10 games or more and why this matters is in order to win six games in the tournament, it helps to have a point of reference of knowing how to win multiple games. That is talent and persistence.

2) Know The Numbers

In order to beat sportsbooks like Bovada, you have to arrive prepared. That means understanding the teams and how they play, because matchups are so important. This includes offensive and defensive shooting figures. This matters because of matchups. In addition, look for differentials in turnovers, rebounding and three-point shooting. It also pays to know the success or failure of teams on the road, since there is no home games for the Big Dance.

3) Follow Tournament Trends

Each NCAA tournament takes on a flavor of its own and if one is paying attention, they can profit from these situations. Let’s say the ACC is the best conference, but they have a number of teams upset in the first round, while the SEC was lightly regarded, but all their teams advanced to Round 2. It would be worth looking at each conference and think about ‘playing against’ the ACC as favorites and ‘play on’ the SEC as underdogs.

4) Betting Totals Can Be Revenue Generator

Not everyone is comfortable betting on totals, but there reasons to do. If you have never bet a college basketball total, this is not the place to start. However, even if you modest experience, something simple can be profitable. If sportsbook have a total of 125 points or less, bet the UNDER and if it is 150 points or higher, bet the OVER. They are the experts and these are extreme situations and they win the vast majority of the time.

5) Be Selective

On the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament, it is very easy to go crazy with wagering with games on all day. Instead, be disciplined. On a typical NFL weekend you might bet on 3-to-5 games among the weekly schedule of 16. With 16 games on each Thursday and Friday and 16 once again scattered over Saturday and Sunday combined, use the same disciplined thinking.

6) There is More Than NCAA Tournament

If you are a regular basketball bettor, there is realistically better value in wagering on the smaller tourney’s like the NIT, CBI, CIT and anything else that pops up. Sportsbooks do not put in as much time on odds and weaknesses can be found for the more astute hoops bettor to take advantage of. Making money is the bottom and line.

7) Know Your Limits and Have Fun

Set a wagering budget and do not accede it. If you lose, you lose. You set aside the money and the gambling gods were not with you, it happens. Consider it fun money and the chase of trying to win more and have fun amongst all the hoops madness.


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