Top 7 Baseball Betting Stories From April


Following the baseball standings in April is like the first nine holes of a PGA golf tournament. There is plenty to like or hate, but it does not necessarily reflect on how a season or tourney might play out.

The same is true when betting baseball. The goal is to survive the first month of the season. If you are buried, you know you have a lot of work to do to get even, but you have at least four months until football arrives. If you are doing well or broke even, neither of those results are awful and you move on from that point. Here is what we are seeing thus far on the wagering front.

1) Arizona and Boston have been the best bets in their respective leagues, both at over 11-plus units of profit. There is nothing fluky about this either, as the D-Backs are 1st in the NL in run differential and the Red Sox are 2nd in the AL. Arizona is the first NL team since 1907 (Chicago Cubs) to start the season with nine straight series wins.

2) Here come the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs, as both who closed April strong. Though neither was a good bet overall, each team has done well despite receiving the bare minimum of less from key sluggers Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo. Both have gotten excellent pitching in recent weeks, which helped them improve their record dramatically.



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