Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Wild Card Weekend


After last week’s satisfying 3-1 teaser record, we killed it during the regular season. Our final record on teasers was 47-13 and we closed on an awesome 40-8 run. Yes, damage control was alerted.

I am going to be the first to admit, betting teasers in the postseason has absolutely nothing to do with what goes on during the regular season. We have fewer games, closer competition, it is truly a different animal. When looking at the NFL odds, where possible, we still seek the best value, but otherwise, we try and place any particular situation on the best possible value side.

In generating NFL picks for teasers, here are my best selections. Also, because of limitations, I would keep teaser to two-teamers and play combinations or possibly one three-teamer.

Kansas City Taken From -9 to -3 vs. Tennessee

The first game of the weekend offers one of my favorites and one we have made a lot of cash on all year. With the Chiefs at -9, we pass thru key numbers like six and seven and land on three. (I would use these for three-teamer. If we get Push, we still have active two-teamer) Kansas City has sizable offensive edge against Tennessee and will have raucous crowd, which could rattle the Titans. Tennessee is one of two playoff teams with a negative score differential. (Buffalo is the other) And when they Titans are off a home win in past 11 games, they are -9.4 in points in following contest.

Atlanta Taken From +6.5 to +12.5 at L.A. Rams

This is really a matter of taste and both sides could be right. Though plenty of teams have won playoff games with little or no experience, all things being equal, you would always prefer to have been through the process. That is the key reason for me to bump up Atlanta. In the process we also pass both 7 and 10 points, which is a benefit. My feeling is if the Falcons can stay even for the first quarter, they can settle this game down and with this many points be in position to cover.



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