Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Week 4


Hard to believe we are into October already this Sunday and we well have five football weekends this month in the NFL which will give more opportunities to look over picks besides totals and spreads.

For example, six-point teasers, which continue to be the rage both in Nevada and offshore, and weekly explains why sportsbooks are always nervous on Sunday’s, worrying about exposure and payouts on tickets involving teasers and parlays, besides wagers against the spread and totals.

For new readers here, a quick recap, besides trying to make a teaser in an advantageous spot against the NFL odds, were are looking to move towards more favorable key numbers, especially on side bets.

Here are my top NFL picks on teasers and if they make sense to you, think about what combinations are best for you.

New England Taken From -8 to -2 over Carolina

New England has not been nearly as imposing at Gillette Stadium in 2017 with two spread losers. Tom Brady has not been the issue, it has been the Patriots defense which has come up lackluster. However, Carolina has not show the ability to run or pass very effectively and taking the Pats under 7, 6 and 3, which places us in a strong position to essentially have New England just win the contest. The Patriots are 29-2 against a teaser line after allowing 400 or more total yards in their last three games.




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