Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Week 3

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We continue along in our quest to generate profits in betting football with NFL teasers. Last week we covered a lot of territory, so for new readers, we will shorten it and look to be as successful.

The stated goal for six-point teasers is not only to get the best number possible on a given game we like, but to make sure we can be in the most favorable position in regards to key numbers. A case in point against the standard NFL odds would be a favorite of -7.5. Concerning teaser numbers, if we play this team on a six-point teaser, we slide through key football numbers of 7, 6 and 3, which places us in a very good situation and the only two ways we would lose at -1.5 on a teaser looking at one potential game is one-point outcome, which are rare or the team losing outright, which would be a loss under any circumstance.

Again, I recommend two, three or four team teaser, giving you that best chances to win and if you followed my NFL picks last week you would have won on any of them.

Here is what we have this week.

Pittsburgh Taken From -7 to -1 over Chicago

We start with the fact one team could reach the Super Bowl and other team will be lucky to win six games this season. Next we add in the aforementioned ability to take our selection, Pittsburgh in this case, through several key numbers, placing us in a position where we basically just have to win the game. To back this up, I have system pertaining to team that no turnovers last week (Steelers), playing opponent that had three or more miscues (Bears), and in this setup, someone like Pittsburgh has won by 13 PPG.

Miami Taken From -6 to Pick over N.Y. Jets

This is the third straight week Miami is on the road, (they were in Los Angeles for two weeks because of hurricane), thus, the spread is rather dicey, even if it is versus this lamentable Jets squad. Being in a position where we need just a victory really helps and passing thru numbers like 6 and 3 is also advantageous. When the Dolphins are 3.5 to 9.5 point favorites on the regular spread line, they have won by 4.5 PPG since 1992, setting us up for teaser win.

Denver Taken From -3 to +3 at Buffalo

With how Denver has been playing, being able to set them up at +3 three is a real bonus. In looking at the teams, we know Denver’s defense can lock down a limited Buffalo offense that has few playmakers. We also like the revamped offensive line and running game which really makes QB Trevor Siemian more effective.  With the Broncos average margin of victory 10 points the past three September’s, the extra points are nice insurance.

Detroit Taken From +3 to +9 vs. Atlanta

No Super Bowl hangover for Atlanta at 2-0 and they are coming off impressive drubbing of Green Bay again. It should be noted Detroit has also played very well and is a home underdog to the NFC champs. The Lions are better than anticipated coming off playoff appearance in which they limped in with injuries and now have more speed overall. Being able to take them up to nine points helps (passing the 6 and 7 points) and teams like the Falcons who beat all opponents last season by seven or more points and are off a double digit victory and road favorites in next contest, have won by only 1.1 PPG in next outing the last 33 years.


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