Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Week 2


Betting NFL teasers is just not getting more or fewer points on a spread wager, it is also about creating value going against key numbers. This is the real secret to beating the oddsmakers numbers.

For example this week, now maybe you really like Dallas at -2 over Denver on the road. The Cowboys have a splendid 17-7-1 ATS record against the AFC, which makes them real enticing. But let’s consider the alternative. What about the Broncos at +8 on the teaser line? Now we plow through key numbers of 3,6 and 7 and have Denver with their defense, at home and at a delectable price.

When making teaser bets, it is recommended to keep them at either two or four picks, because anything above that is very difficult to beat the NFL odds and as many football bettors know, nothing more frustrating than being 6-1 on teaser and losing.

Here are my top NFL picks on teasers and you if they make sense to you, you can make them in various combinations.

Baltimore Taken From -7.5 to -1.5 over Cleveland

As I have mentioned here and other spots, the Ravens could have one of the best defenses in the NFL this season unless they are afflicted by injuries. We know Cleveland will be among the weakest clubs in the league and while they are always motivated to face Baltimore, they have a very low win probability for this contest.  Being able to slide under 7, 6 and 3 is big help and the only way we lose with the Ravens winning is if the outcome is by one point. The Birds are 31-3 on the teaser line in September home games.




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