Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Week 16 – On Sensational 35-5 Run!


We are down to the final weeks of the NFL season and let’s be honest, it is sad. Not just because the regular season is coming to a close, but because all the money we have made betting teasers will end.

Last week against the NFL odds, we swept the board for the third time in four weeks on teasers. Once again we cleaned up against the sportsbooks on every combination possible of two, three and four-team teasers. This takes our most recent record to 35-5 and 42-10 for the season and adding up all the cash.

For all of us making NFL picks, we know the football gods can take this back at any time. Nevertheless, we have had fun, made a shipload of cash and followed the right winning principles for NFL picks in how to bet on teasers.

Here are this week’s selections.

Detroit Taken From -5 to +1 at Cincinnati

The Lions remain in the chase for a NFC wild card bid and need a couple victories and breaks to make that a reality. Cincinnati, the way they are playing, they may have their cars running by halftime so when the game ends they can get home for Christmas Eve.  The Bengals lack of effort suggests they cannot wait for the season to be over. By converting Detroit to an underdog, we have more score coverage for a teaser. Plus, the Lions the past three years are beating losing teams by 8.5 PPG.

Denver Taken From +3 to +9 at Washington

Both the Broncos and Redskins have endured disappointing seasons. On a game that appears rather even, Washington has been made typical three-point home favorites. I see the value on making Denver a larger underdog and like going past key numbers of six and seven. In addition, the Broncos are going back to run-first roots and the Redskins are 28th in stopping the run. Now let’s add this element. In a contest involving two teams scoring 18-23 PPG, after eight or more games played, when the underdog just allowed 14 points or less in last outing, they have lost by less than point (-0.8) the last 208 times this situation happened.



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