Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Week 12 – Cashing Large On a 20-4 Move!


Our good fortune and sound methods had another strong week betting NFL teasers and we had nice combination winners on two and three-team teasers and came up just short on four-teamer.

But you know what, you are not going to win them all and in the past six weeks we cashed numerous winners with 20-4 mark, which should add up to quite a bit of profit. Again, teasers are not about just teams, it is about placing them in the right situations and right numbers against the NFL odds.

On the season were are now 27-9 for these NFL picks and here are my teaser choices for Sunday.

Cincinnati Taken From -7.5 to -1.5 vs. Cleveland

Cincinnati has slid from -9 to -7.5 on the oddsmakers original release and for NFL teasers that is very advantageous for us. First, we buzz down three key numbers of 7,6 and 3 and place ourselves into position where we only have one scenario where we would lose if the Bengals win. Here is something else I uncovered. When the teaser line on a favorite slips from -3 to -1.5, like what happened to Cincinnati, this covers 89.8 percent of the time in last 89 occurrences.



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