Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Championship Sunday


After a great season for picking teasers and doing quite well in the playoffs, this will be interesting. This Sunday we determine who goes to the Super Bowl and we are confident who one team will be.

Other than New England, the NFC matchup hold a great deal of intrigue. For the season, I have always been upfront about how to bet teasers. We came down the stretch against the NFL odds with a 46-10 record, which includes 6-2 in the postseason. All year our conservative approach has helped us win money and saved us from losing. That same thinking applies to this week where I recommend to only wager on two-teamers, because of our lack of choices.

It has been a fantastic year and hopefully we can go out in style for NFL picks on teasers this Sunday!

Jacksonville/New England UNDER Teaser

With how stingy the Patriots defense has been in allowing points, prefer to make this an UNDER 52 wager on teaser totals. Unless Blake Bortles is as good as last week or reverts to his Pick 6 days, Jacksonville figures to score 13 to 20 points. Though the Jaguars defense had problems with Big Ben last week, chances are they will make adjustments and at worse permit no more than 28 points. This all leads to UNDER bet and this supports it. Play UNDER on a 6-point UNDER teaser total with a team like New England after three or more wins, with a winning record, playing another winning team in the second half of the season. (116-22, 84.1%, L5Y)

New England Taken From -8 to -2 vs. Jacksonville

There does not appear any reason to make too much out of Tom Brady jamming his hand in practice Wednesday. The only real benefit is to those of us who betting teaser, getting down to favorite number of eight. This (you know the drill) takes us through the key numbers of 3, 6 and 7 on the Patriots, close to the point where we just have to win the game. Here is on other comforting aspect of backing New England; they are 36-5 against a teaser line after allowing 17 points or less in three straight games.



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