Top 4 Worst Starting Pitchers in Baseball (So Far) in 2018

The Orioles Chris Tillman is having a tough time.

Your Aunt Agnes, who was nice to you and you were kind to her, recently passed away and she was thoughtful enough to leave you 5-grand. As a sports bettor, that could certainly come in handy after you are still paying your bookie for a not so happy March Madness.

Instead of having Aunt Agnes square up your wagering accounts, do the right thing and put her money aside for something you need and instead create opportunity and work that betting account by winning.

Though the baseball season is still young and there is a great deal to sort out, there are starting pitchers in the majors who couldn’t put out a small fire (runners in scoring position) even if they had a hose from a fire truck.

Jose Urena – Miami (Team Record in Starts 0-5)

After a breakthrough 2017 campaign, in which Jose Urena was 14-7 and looked like he had found his way to becoming a good big league pitcher, he’s lost it. Urena has an ERA of almost six and he’s throwing like Miami fans feel about having the latest ownership group throwing in the towel before the season starts. If you did not know better, one could think Urena is suffering from depression, having to pitch on a team that will be lucky to win 60 games this season. The 26-year is not fooling anybody in permitting a .271 batting average (NL mean average is .237) and he has a double-digit ERA with two or more runners on base. Maybe part owner Derek Jeter can salvage his season by trading him to a team that cares about winning.

Homer Bailey – Cincinnati (Team Record in Starts 0-5)

This might be unfair to the Reds right-hander, but betting is about winning and losing and Bailey only scratches in the latter column at the moment. Yes, he’s had two no-hitter’s and is only 31 years old, but Bailey’s various arm and shoulder ailments caused him to have only 28 starts in past three-plus seasons. His season numbers are actually pretty good with a 3.68 ERA and giving up less than a hit an inning. Yet in his last three years, opposing hitters are batting well over .300 and his WHIP is over 1.6. Being on a terrible Cincinnati team is not helping his cause and it seems inevitable an injury problem will arrive and his numbers will start rising and the losses will keep coming.

Chris Tillman – Baltimore (Team Record in Starts 0-4)

It seems a shame that the former Orioles ace is only 30 and is trying to hang on as the fifth starter with a lousy Baltimore team. After four solid to above average campaigns, Tillman began last year on the DL and still has not recovered. Once the owner of a 94-95 MPH fastball, his velocity dipped noticeably in 2017 and now his average heater is not even at 90 MPH. With little ability to strikeout hitters, even against a team after team of free swingers, the right-hander has more walks than punch-outs (11 vs. 8) in only 17.1 innings. Opposing teams are at a hard to comprehend .395 BA and his WHIP is an unfathomable 2.37. At present, there is no end in sight for this rapid decline.

Derek Holland – San Francisco (Team Record in Starts 0-4)

After averaging over 30 starts from  2011-13,  Holland blew out his knee that off-season playing with his dog. This led to other injuries and bad luck and Holland has never been the same sense. The lefty does have a few positive numbers, but he’s been taken deep four times already and owns an ERA over 11 with runners in scoring position. Just not sure how you trust him long-term until he proves he’s back to earlier levels.

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