Tony George’s NFL Season Win Totals Best Bets


Tony George shares his top NFL Season Win Totals with you.

I have been doing these free every year for about the past 10 years, my 5 Best bets on Over or Under Season Win totals.  How about an 8-2 record with both my Double Dime Bets hitting each of the last 2 Years.  I post these on my National Radio Show, this year SB Nation Radio and Sirius Channel 93 on Sunday mornings at 10 CST, as SB Nation has taken over Yahoo Sports Radio (My press release coming in a week).  None the less the Hall of Fame game kicks this weekend and the NFLX season is about to begin, which leads us into NFL Football.  Now that I have followed closely NFL Fall Camps and reports, I am ready to wager these games myself this weekend.

After a #3 ranking last year in the NFL, and over 64% Documented Winners last season, I look forward another banner year, numerous winners, my Teaser thrown in every week, and another stellar year of Monday Night Football (68%) in 2015!   Here are my Best Bets for the 2016 NFL Season.  Many of the same faces at different places this year and some draft picks that will have impact for numerous teams.  With any futures bet, injuries to key skill position players can affect the outcome so some depth on the roster in terms of second string players is also considered, especially at the QB position.

Arizona Cardinals OVER 9.5 Wins (-205)	Well they Cards have ripped off 34 wins in 3 seasons in the regular season and they really have their core players back, especially at skill positions, and the RB position should be solid and deep as well.  Carson Palmer is an experienced QB and the defense is rock solid.  Bruce Arians is one of better coaches in the NFL, and players love to play for him.  No doubt a tough division, but this is easily a playoff contender and a division title winner contender as well. Many say this team has peaked, I see it differently, they find ways to win and have an unfinished business attitude headed into this season.   They are the 4th highest team on the Las Vegas Odds board to win the Super Bowl at 11/1 tied with Carolina.  The line is chalky but worth the stretch

Oakland Raiders – OVER 8.5 Wins (-135)

Last Year Oakland was a favorite of mine in the Over Win totals and they are again this year.  Jack Del Rio got them not only competitive, but a real force to be reckoned with, and it is more of the same but better in 2016.  Last year’s win total was 4.5 and oddsmakers also agree with me almost doubling the win total.  QB Carr is the real deal, they have a decent defense but young and building, and they have playmakers all over the field on offense, including a deep and talented WR unit.  I see Oakland and Kansas City in a virtual tie to win the AFC West Division this year, and no doubt a series split between the two, Denver is out a QB and the Chargers, well they are the Chargers.  They open with Saints, Falcons, Titans and Ravens (at home), and Chargers, and could easily be 4-1 or 5-0 out of the gate guys.

2 Dime Best Bet – Buffalo Bills UNDER 8 (-110)

Let me say this again like last year to anyone who this will register with, Rex Ryan is a bad head coach in the NFL, makes bonehead calls, plays favorites and cannot close out a big game.  Add in the mix his little brother who drove the Saints defense into Oblivion is now a defensive coach for them.  Bad leadership, a Hodge podge cast of players, and average QB at best, in a very tough division where I feel all 3 teams ahead of them are flat out better, and you have another losing year lead by a losing head coach.

Tennessee Titans OVER 5.5 Wins (-160)

This team in the stats department should have had a lot more wins last year, and they are on the rise.  QB Mariota is a year into the NFL and will fare better now that he has adjusted to the game better.  They are in a division where they can win all their home games legitimately and have a schedule with Jax twice, the Browns and Chargers and as I stated they will compete. They are deep at RB with Murray in house, and they have some playmakers, plus Mariota can be dangerous on the ground.  This team is tougher to defend than most think.

Pittsburgh Steelers UNDER 10.5 Wins

The most hyped up team in the NFL every year are the Steelers.  Interesting for all that hype they have only won 11 games or more in 4 out of the last 10 years.  An aging Big Ben at QB is going to be an issue, he is very injury prone, and he takes chances and hangs on to the ball way to long, especially for his age.  Some suspensions early may hurt and the Steelers not only play in a very tough division outside of the Browns, they have the NFC East this year to contend with and while they have a talented group of WR’s no doubt, the OL and DL is average at best, and any key injuries there will be a huge concern.   Also Tomlin is a very overrated coach in my opinion.

BE SURE to get Hooked up with a 25 year experienced capper, a Proven Winner, national sports broadcaster, and off a killer year last year where everyone cashed out who jumped on board.  I expect better and bigger wins in 2016.  


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