Well as I have stated all year long in the NBA, which is why their brand sucks, the regular season was simply a six month exhibition schedule before the Cavs and Warriors met in the NBA Finals.  No surprise here.  

We could have skipped all the regular season games and just had these two teams play 1 game a month for 7 months and determined who was the best team.  Boston got a severe beat down on Thursday and never looked like an NBA team in that game at any point.  I think North Carolina’s men’s team may have given Cleveland a better game.

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.comGolden State added Kevin Durant to the fray this year so they have that going for them this time around, and no doubt they are the better team, however Cleveland has the best player in the NBA, (please no comparisons to Micheal Jordan folks, there isn’t one), Irving is a stud, Kevin Love can play, and they have a strong supporting cast and decent bench.

While they are a huge underdog in this NBA Finals, I can assure you despite the revenge factor and 12-0 run through the Western Conference Golden State managed, the Cavs will come to play and put up a better than average fight and compete at a high level, and go up against their old coach in the process, who knows them better than anyone.

Here are some Playoff Stats:

  • Golden State went 8-4 ATS in their 12 games, and 9-3 ATS on the OVER
  • Cleveland went 8-4-1 ATS in their 13 games and went 9-4 ATS on the OVER


  • Golden State -260
  • Cleveland +220

Opening Odds – Game 1

Game 1 @ Golden State – June 1

Warriors – 7 ** Total 225

At days end Golden State has busted their rear ends to get to the Finals and Take care of unfinished business.  The Warriors have the better overall team, better coach, and the better defense and the better offense.  That is the bottom line.  While I do not think they will sweep Cleveland and I do not think the Cavs will be embarrassed, I do think the only play here is to lay the -260.  Again, never count out LeBron James, they pulled off a miracle last year and anything can happen in the NBA and they will not go quietly in the night by any means.

Series Bet – LAY IT – Warriors -260.  I would say in 6 games.


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