“Tired” Cavaliers Spring To Life at Home in Game 6 Win and Cover


Boston has moved to within one game of playing in the NBA Finals, but to achieve this before a Game 7, they will have to do this against very difficult circumstances, which they have struggled with.

The 2018 Eastern Conference Finals will not be a “greatest hits” CD. We are five games in and the closest outcome has been by nine points and winning team (Cleveland in Game 4) was ahead by 13 to 18 points for over 40 minutes of that “battle”.

The old axiom, “The series doesn’t start until the road team wins”, well, that will not be the case since that will either end this one or never happen at all.

With Swinging Johnson and myself alternating choices in the Conference Finals, the East has made the non-winner look ignorant with such noncompetitive basketball. As one-sided as these contests have been, Game 5 was the worst in terms of watch-ability. Boston easily won Game 5 in spite of shooting a playoff-worst 36.5 percent. Additionally, Superman (LeBron James) appeared too tired to save the day again and it was obvious he is not surrounded by other superheroes.

The NBA odds have the Celtics as seven-point road underdogs and in spite of their 1-6 and 2-5 ATS away record in the postseason, Swinging Johnson gleefully took Boston. Here is why and how that will prove to be a bad choice.

Cleveland Keys

I fully admit to thinking James is one of the best players I’ve ever seen and I am not a hater. But every now and again he sounds like a double-mouthed politician which hurts his street cred. Though it could not have more clear how tired he was during Game 5, he said he “might” have been a touch weary. James also added he does not sleep well during the playoffs and has a hard time letting go of defeats before finally starting to count sheep. What made that a curious statement was he and his team had just won two home games with relative ease.



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