Time To Make Adjustments For Betting Baseball


With about one month in the books of the baseball season, we start to make adjustments going forward and the game sets into a daily routine. Every team has been home and away a few times and the schedule starts to change, not playing as many division opponents like the first month of the season, with greater diversity going forward.

Here is a look at various aspects to include in your handicapping efforts to win consistently when betting baseball.

Pitching Numbers To Be Aware Of

By now every starting pitcher has multiple starts under his belt and with fewer days off, all teams will start using all five starting pitchers or using them every 5th day with the “Opener” in vogue recently with clubs lacking quality starters and having deeper bullpens.

With the ability to look into useful statistics we can start using numbers to enhance our chances against the sportsbooks. Among the aspects to start utilizing are strikeout-to-walk ratios. This is a great indicator about a pitcher who has the ability to throw strikes and limit the trouble he can get into when allowing multiple hits in an inning, which is inevitable. Here we are looking for at least a 2 to 1 ratio favoring punch-outs.


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With the analytics people running the game of baseball, not manager’s, the only way a starting pitcher reaches the seventh or eighth inning anymore is if they have a low pitch count or their team is way ahead and he’s thrown with relative ease. That makes the importance of a Quality Starts (six innings and permits no more than three earned runs) more important to baseball bettors. Besides the obvious effect on an individual game, quality starts help set up bullpens for the late innings if a team has a lead and relievers can be comfortable in specific roles. Plus, quality starts matter if you bet 1st five innings, which can provide you an edge.

When surveying starting pitchers, especially those that are middle to back of the rotation hurlers, watch for this trait. If a pitcher has produced three strong or weak starts in a row, they typically will reverse course the next time out. Their focus typically weakens or improves based on previous results and when combined with other every day handicapping methods, these can generate good underdog winners fairly consistently.



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