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The Cleveland Indians Are Poised For Success

When you consider the Cleveland Indians play in the worst division in baseball and in the woefully weaker American League, it is not a surprise they have the biggest lead among the three divisions. What is surprising is Cleveland has only the sixth-best record in the AL.

The Indians are the only team over .500 in the AL Central and unless Minnesota gets really hot, that is the way it will end up. The Tribe’s overall record is so mediocre they would be in fourth place in the AL West now. Outside their deplorable division, Cleveland is a below average 27-33 (as of 7/26) and for the better part of six weeks on a nightly basis, they have been among the six worst bets in baseball.

So why would any sportsbook in their right mind have the Indians in their Top 3 in futures to win the AL and in the Top 5 as World Series champions? Because of positioning, circumstance, and talent.

Boston and the New York Yankees are the two best teams in the majors, along with World Series champion Houston very close. However, the Red Sox and Yankees are expected to win over 100 games, but one will be the wild card and be at a disadvantage come playoff time. Unless Boston pulls decidedly ahead in the next month, both teams will have to continue to go full throttle until at least the last week of the season.



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