The first week of spring starts


Took it on the chin yesterday with 1-2 day as Texas A&M; and Mayland couldn’t pull thru at the bitter end. Today we have our usual collection of Monday NBA systems. Have an excellent trend coming out of the CBI tourney and Sal’s hot and gives us two Free Plays. Good Luck

What I thought today– I happen to catch like three minutes of Colin Cowherd this morning on ESPN radio and this guy has turned into Glenn Beck. He was going on and on about nobody in major markets cares about the NCAA Tournament and that Cinderella’s winning only means lower ratings down the line.

This guy is from the Northwest and now he’s some wise sage about all media living in Connecticut near New York. He was going on saying nobody cared to watch Northern Iowa or Cornell, the ratings were the same as last. Well of course they are Colin you idiot, who knew Kansas was going to be upset and the game was only shown to a portion of the audience in the middle of the afternoon. This guy needs to get his head out of his _ _ _ and just enjoy the tournament instead of big timing everybody with his “worldly knowledge”. I’m done

3Daily Winners is – No.1 the last 10 days at Cappers Monitor
3Daily Winners is – No. 1 the last week at Cappers Watchdog and at My Handicapper
3Daily Winners is – No. 1 in College Basketball the last month at Cappers Watchdog
3Daily Winners is – No.1 in College Basketball for the season (units) at Cappers Monitor

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Free Basketball System -1) See NBA article below

Free Basketball Trend – 2) Princeton is 10-1 ATS in a road game where the total is 129.5 or less this season.

Free Basketball Pick -3) Sal was 19-6 the last four days in the NCAA’s and the NBA and has double barreled assault today with Oklahoma City and College of Charleston.

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