Surprise, Cleveland Covers In Game 1 of NBA Finals


Other than Cleveland Cavaliers players, nobody is giving the Cavs a chance against Golden State. But as basketball bettors, we understand the spread is the great equalizer in game situations.

The opening contest of the NBA Finals is supposed to be a blowout. The NBA odds opened with Golden State as an 11.5-point home favorite and this jumped to -12 almost immediately. When the news came down Tuesday night that Kevin Love was still “iify” for Game 1 being in concussion protocol, the Warriors shot up to -13.

Seriously, what chance does LeBron James have against four other players who like him are presumed to be in the Hall of Fame and playing on the road? Probably not much, yet with this big a spread, an opportunity exists for Cleveland. Let me explain and no chuckling from Swinging Johnson, since I’ve been rollin’ over him thus far in the postseason like a road-grater.

Taking Advantage Of Opportunity

Golden State players understand the situation and know they are enormous favorites to win the series and most likely know they are super-sized favorites in the series opener. With the Warriors having beaten Houston, it would not be a stretch for the Warriors to surmise they have already won the championship. Even the Golden State owner came out and said playing Cleveland is getting old.



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