Super Bowl LII – What Happened and Why


You will be able to tell anyone from Philadelphia or an Eagles fan the next month, they will be smiling ear to ear. The Philadelphia football franchise has captured their first Super Bowl and they did so against a team that had deprived them one other time.

The wagering dynamics to the Super Bowl were very entertaining to follow. New England opened as a 5.5-point favorite with a total of 48 on Jan. 21st and there was no real movement until five days later when the Philadelphia money came pouring in. At that point, the Eagles flew to +4.5 where they basically remained until kickoff.

With the Patriots favored yet again, most sportsbooks anticipated a large chunk New England money to come in the weekend of the game and while it was substantial, it was mostly offset with more Philly cash, making the bets placed close to even and more overall money on coach Doug Pederson’s crew.

What made this year different about Bill Belichick’s team from a public perspective?

The Eagles Had The Better Team

By the middle of November, it had become clear Philadelphia’s front office had assembled the best top to bottom roster in the NFL, which allowed them to absorb rather devastating injuries. Though New England was a deserving favorite, that was essentially because of the perceived difference at the quarterback position, not anywhere else.




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