Sunday Night Circus


    The Sunday night game was like a can of Spaghettio’s, both teams have lots of holes. I don’t know if saw the graphic after the game, but in 50 years, Dallas had lost two games with a lead of 12 points or more and they have given three of them away this season alone.

    Eli Manning was terrific, but I’m becoming more convinced that ever Rob Ryan is the Mike Martz of defense. Ryan’s defense gave up 510 yards to New York and there were numerous examples throughout the contest is which the Cowboys had no chance to stop the Giants because of defensive design.

    The most egregious example was the touchdown to Mario Manningham in the third quarter. New York had two receivers to the left along with a tight end to that side. Though the Dallas safety was 10-12 yards deep on the same side of the field, he was basically in a stance that Manning realized he was going to blitz. The ball was snapped and the safety had to run 15 yards just to get to Manning, let alone be a nuisance. The tight end ran to his right to take the linebacker with him and the outside receiver ran ten yards and cut across the field which left Manningham by himself for an easy touchdown.

    Maybe the other safety was to slide over to cover, but he would have had to cover 25 yards to reach Manningham, let alone be in position to guard him.

    Ryan’s defense, like Martz’s offense, works best when you have elite players on the field; otherwise, they are too often easily exposed. Dallas had no business losing that game and the defensive coaches and players were to blame.

    Gerry Fraley of the points this out –

    “This is Ryan’s ninth season as an NFL defensive coordinator, with Oakland, Cleveland and the Cowboys. In that time, his teams are 28-61 (.315 winning percentage) through November 30 and 9-27 (.250) from December 1 through the end of the regular season. (Ryan has never been with a winning team as a DC, let alone a playoff team.) In those 36 late-season games, Ryan’s defense has allowed 30-plus points 15 times.


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