Stanley Cup Playoffs “Current” Futures” Odds


When writing about Stanley Cup Playoffs Futures odds, you have to keep in mind this is a fluid situation, because after every game played the numbers will change in often dramatic fashion.	Because of sportsbooks variances based on a variety of factors, we reviewed Cup Futures before the start of any of the Conference Finals games and we were able to arrive at mean average for NHL odds and here is what it looked like.

Pittsburgh +140

St. Louis +210

San Jose +320

Tampa Bay +490

With a few games having been played, we start to find differentials you would not normally anticipate. For example, as of May 17, some books have the Blues the favorite to win the Stanley Cup by virtue of Penguins splitting two home games with the Lightning and St. Louis having won their lone contest.

Here are the latest numbers from Bookmaker.

St. Louis +171

Pittsburgh +172

Tampa Bay +469

San Jose +525

Clearly, the Blues and Penguins are the favorites, believed to have more complete teams and having home ice advantage for the Conference Finals.

What teams should you be looking at and why for NHL picks, here are reasons for all four clubs so you can decide.

Why St. Louis Wins

Of the four remaining teams, the Blues are the one ‘power’ squad in the mix. St. Louis likes to play physical, bump you whenever possible to take you off stride or just delivering body blows that add up in a series. St. Louis has been a solid defensive club for a few years, but have a little more speed in the backend and have excellent depth in at least three lines on offense, which has made them a much harder team to defend. Telling mark of their skill and toughness 5-2 playoff record on the road.

Why Pittsburgh Wins

After dispatching of Washington, Pittsburgh appeared to have their ticket punched for the Cup Finals. However, in splitting two games with Tampa Bay, the Pens have looked slower than anticipated. Best guess as to why is a combination of hangover from Capitals series and Tampa Bay is better than most thought. Pittsburgh has more answers to posed questions of the four remaining squads. If Sidney Crosby and Evgani Malkin start producing at the same time, this tournament is over and lost because of all the talk on offense, the Penguins were 6th in the regular season in goals allowed.



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