South Region Teams Odds to Win the NCAA Tournament


It turns out the South Region was the only one of the four regions to advance all of its top seeds to the Sweet 16. Here are their current odds to win four more games and become NCAA basketball champions.

North Carolina +500 (odds courtesy of 5Dimes)		The Tar Heels and Kansas have the lowest college basketball odds to be crowned champions at +500 on the evening of April the 3rd. North Carolina barely survived Arkansas and was clearly bothered by their defensive pressure. Looking ahead, Butler is the most fundamentally sound team in the region and plays tremendously well together. Nevertheless, Roy Williams squad is the most talented team remaining in the field and while that guarantees them nothing, having the best collection of players helps your chances. Unless an injury were to occur to the Tar Heels, they will be favored in every contest the rest of the way and deserve to be the odds on favorite.

Kentucky +1200

Though Kentucky was hardly impressive to their two victories against Northern Kentucky and Wichita State, the Wildcats proved they have made the adjustment of being forced to play at a slower pace and finding ways to win games. Kentucky is tied with SEC partner Florida as the fifth choice to win it all for college basketball picks. At present, their road includes UCLA, North Carolina, Gonzaga or Arizona and Kansas. Honestly, not sure who would survive that road of any of the remaining teams in the field. John Calipari’s club has exceptional ability in spots, but seems a real long shot to win four times starting from this spot.




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