SEC Early Tournament Betting Basketball Breakdown


Since John Calipari arrived at Kentucky, there has been no mystery who the favorite is to win the SEC tournament when it comes to betting basketball. It’s been two choices, the Wildcats or the Field.		In 2017, at least there is one new element, as the Florida Gators have shown they can compete with the ‘Cats and choosing Kentucky to win it all for college basketball picks is not a slam dunk.

Looking over the rest of the field, the first thing that at least popped into my head was the 2000 movie, the “Undisirables”. When looking over the various factors against the college basketball odds, you should examine these elements.

Could Win and Cover One Game

The first round games are #12 Miss. State vs. #13LSU and #11 Auburn vs. #14Missouri. Two of these crummy teams will advance and while we do not have spreads on them yet, Auburn should advance and most likely cover because just have the better team. Mississippi State is a young team that has no size and as bad as the LSU is, they will have at the very least a chance to win and cover. You might have noticed that three of the four nicknames have Tigers in this group, hard to find many more toothless than this trio.

In the second round, #8 Georgia faces #9 Tennessee and this matchup this has all the markings of a ‘Pass’ contest, as it is nearly impossible to predict which team will show up game to game. A mood ring might be of more value than analytics in this confrontation. However, of note the “Bull Dawgs” are 11-3 ATS outside Athens.

No. 5 Alabama’s defense should be enough to outlast Miss. State or LSU and the way those two club play defense, they will even make the Crimson Tide’s offense look good.

Good conflict with No.7 Vanderbilt taking on No.10 Texas A&M. The Commodores have really come down the stretch playing well at 5-1 and 6-0 ATS and would seem to have the confidence factors and will definitely have home town edge in Nashville.

No.6 Mississippi beat Auburn twice this year (2-0 ATS), but only by three and six points, so if you are looking for upset, the Rebels could be primed to go down since the Tigers played them so tough.



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