RIP – Utah Is In a Unique Position If They Play It Right


The Utah Jazz may have lost to Houston in five games, but there is no embarrassment in what they accomplished. Utah has a star player, a strong core and needs to just keep adding pieces.

When the NBA awards come out, Utah will probably have the Rookie of the Year (Donovan Mitchell) and the Defensive Player of the Year (Rudy Gobert). Yet, almost everyone will agree head coach Quin Snyder got everything possible out of his team.

While losing in the playoffs is never a good thing for any team, it does provide the roadmap of where a team needs to do to improve and how they can tighten up their weaknesses. Here is a look at where Utah is and where they need to go to reach the Western Conference Finals or beyond.

Utah Needs More Athleticism and Scoring Options

Jazz basketball fans were shocked when Gordon Heyward left, as he was thought to be one of their own. But out of misfortune came opportunity and rookie Donovan Mitchell answered the bell. Mitchell led Utah in scoring and was the most dynamic young guard in the postseason. He can shot from outside, is relentless rim runner and attacks the basket off the bounce. Think about this; talk about growth, Mitchell is two years removed from being Louisville’s fifth-best scorer. (It’s true)



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