Power Plays Study Can Help Your NHL Bets


As we know, there are no absolutes in sports and pretty much in life. To paint a broad brush stroke and to assume that encompasses everything on a particular topic is purely poor judgment. This does not mean if we use sound, rational thinking and are open-minded to learning new things, we cannot profit from them.

When talking profits, not just the emotional, I’m talking about the real stuff, like cold hard cash. Let’s be honest, this is a sports wagering website right!

Today we are talking hockey, more specifically, special teams play. Not every team that has success or failure on power plays, either scoring or defending them is a money-maker. Case in point, Pittsburgh, who has the most power play goals and the best percentage based on attempts. However, they are in the bottom half of worst bets to place. Nonetheless, the wiser NHL bettor is looking at the broader picture, while still searching for nuggets of gold that lead to winning situations.



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