Now What For Ohio State Football and Urban Meyer?


The news of Zach Smith and his former wife started out innocently enough. If you were not paying attention it might have seemed just like a continuing part of the growing scandal related to the Ohio State wrestling team.

But this was a case of where there is smoke there is fire and at the moment head coach Urban Meyer has been burned and it might get much worse.

We are not going to go over what has already been reported at many news outlets or pass judgment on Meyer. You either have heard about what is exactly going on or can find out on your phone. The Ohio State University or those involved with the school will determine what happens to Meyer.

In truth, we feel terrible for Country Smith, the abused person in this situation. However, because we are sports betting site, our duty is to cover the implications as we know them and discuss what this could mean to Ohio State in 2018.

Ohio State’s Betting Odds

Once word spread that Meyer was given – a paid administrative leave – that sent shock waves through college football and betting circles. After likely swift discussions about Ohio State football, nearly all the sportsbooks pulled any odds about Buckeyes football.

In talking to others in the business, the early general consensus is the Buckeyes will still be favored to win the Big Ten, though at higher odds. Ohio State is listed third to win the national championship behind Alabama and Clemson. Chances are they will stay there for now, though their odds almost certainly will rise and some feel they could slip to the fourth choice come Game 1.



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