No Boston Blowout This Time, with Celtics and Cavs in Game 4 Maalox Masher

No time for Celtics to feel sorry for themselves.

As we get ready for an all-important Game 4 on ESPN between Boston and Cleveland, you should be aware I’m on a bedrock solid 10-2 ATS run in the NBA Playoffs here at

Normally when making NBA picks, no matter how far ahead one team is, there are few anxious moments when the team trailing mounts a comeback and if you had the favorite, your blood pressure starts to rise. This did not happen in Cleveland for Game 3, as the Cavaliers shellacked Boston by 30 points. By the end of the third quarter, instead of looking like one the brightest young coaches in the NBA, Brad Stevens looked as hopeless as first-year second-grade teacher in his third day, knowing there was nothing he could do. (I’m sure Swinging Johnson had the same look with a Sam Adams in his hand.)


Most times, oddsmakers give the benefit of the doubt to the team that just lost in the next game, but because the beating was so through, the NBA odds had Cleveland at -7, before they were sent to -6.

Will the Boston even make this competitive or are we headed for a repeat of what we just saw?

Boston Had No Answers

Going into Saturday’s conflict, there were three things I said Cleveland needed to do to win and cover.

Make more 3’s – Check – (17 of 34)

Generate more turnovers – Check – (15)

Find more scoring besides James and Love – Check – (Four players scored 48 points)

Playoff basketball is about adjustments and Cleveland’s more experienced club made Boston look like a very youthful club. Despite their success, Boston is now 1-5 (2-4 ATS) in the playoffs on the road. Fortunately, they still lead the series and can bounce back.



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