What NHL Teams To Wager On To Start 2018


A new year has arrived and we start to look ahead towards change and opportunity for 2018. Along with this, as hockey bettors we do the same in trying to figure out the best ways to generate money from wagering on the NHL. This could happen in any number of methods and we have to look hard at where we can possibly best flourish.

There are a couple of things we already know. Betting Tampa Bay as often as possible has been brilliant thinking. The Lightning are the best team in the NHL to this point at 28-10 SU and are second in units won at +13.8. Tampa Bay is domineering home or away, with a 16-4 SU mark on home ice and 12-6 SU in the visiting sweaters. How completely dominate they have played is exemplified by goals differential of +51, as the second-best team in this category is Vegas at +26.

Running on the opposite end of the spectrum, yet in a parallel universe is Arizona. The Coyotes have played half their schedule and are the worst team in the NHL at 9-32 SU. Having lost -20.7 units, just like the Lightning, you have to consider betting every Arizona contest, just against the Yotes. Here is something that is hard to imagine at this point of the season. I listed Tampa Bay’s goal differential, Arizona’s is incredibly 103 goals worse at -52! #HolyCrap



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