NHL Betting Overview of The Pacific Division


From top to bottom the Pacific Division is the weakest among the four in the NHL. There are a few above average squads and there is a couple clubs that stink worse than game worn socks.

How lame this division is shows up on two fronts right off the top. This is only division with only three teams that have positive goal differential and collectively against the NHL odds, they are -10.1 units. (As of 11/17)

New Arizona Regime Has Coyotes as Pure Play Against Team

The word – deplorable – came into focus last year’s during the United States presidential campaign. (Which will not be touched with proverbial 10-foot pole) In the NHL, it now has a new meaning and it applies to the Arizona Coyotes.

The Yotes ownership cleaned housed and brought new front office and coaches in hopes of pushing along the rebuilding process they were in the midst of. At 3-17 SU, this is truly a deplorable hockey franchise, being last in scoring and last in goals allowed. Good news, for NHL picks, betting against them is easier than shooting pucks in a barrel.



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