NHL Betting Overview of the Atlantic Division – Loaded With Bad Teams


The Atlantic Division has the best team in the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yet, other than the Lightning and a couple of other clubs, this division is littered with play against clubs.

When looking at the standings the morning of January 5th, this what we are talking about.

Florida 17-22 SU

Detroit 16-23 SU

Montreal 17-24 SU

Ottawa 12-26 SU

Buffalo 10-30 SU

That is awful. The only saving grace it seems for this group of five is somebody has to win when they play each other. As bad as those standings look, let’s insert what this has meant when adding in the NHL odds and configuring a wagering outlook.(Warning: Young children are advised to look away.)

Florida -5.4 units

Detroit -6.7

Montreal -10.6

Ottawa -17.6

Buffalo -19.6

Full disclosure, the Atlantic is home to three of five worst bets in the hockey. So what happened that there is so many poor teams in this division? Let’s look into it.



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