NFL Totals: High/Low Week 3 Picks on 49ers-Chiefs/Bears-Cardinals


Last week totals were split down the middle at 8-8, but because of matchups, we have four games featuring opening totals in the 50’s. Let’s take a look at one of those contests, plus one on the low side.

Oddsmakers were more patient this week in releasing lines on the Monday night games on Tuesday morning. Last week they sent out all the numbers on Monday early and ended up with significant shifts on all four teams that played later that night.

It appeared the Jets and the Browns were going to be the lowest total at 39.5, but the Chicago at Arizona conflict swooped in and had NFL odds of 38.

As far as the high, for a second straight week and for the foreseeable future, Kansas City will be a part of the highest total, this time facing San Francisco.

The Temps Might Be Up in Arizona, But Scoring Will Be Down in Glendale

It is not hard to figure why the total is low with the Bears and Cardinals. Chicago has scored three offensive touchdowns (plus two on defense), while Arizona has made one trip into the end zone this season.

This lack of scoring is backed up with the Bears being 29th in total offense the Redbirds the worst in the NFL at a mere 175 yards a game.



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