NFL Totals: High/Low Week 2 Picks on Chiefs-Steelers/Giants-Cowboys


We move ahead to Week 2 totals in the NFL,  looking at the broadest range spectrum of low to high. With some data to work with and having seen everyone play, let’s dive deep into the numbers.

As we move along, the numbers start to look like they did years ago, but with a bit of a broader range. It used to be 37 was the most common total and the upper range was 41 or 42. Just a few seasons ago we saw a good number of totals in the 50’s, but that has changed, as the two games that opened in the 50’s last week fell below that benchmark at kickoff.

What will this week hold when trying to make NFL picks on the highest and lowest totals of the week? Let’s see what we can dig up.

Kansas City and Pittsburgh Announced at High Scoring Affair

With Kansas City scoring 38 points and allowing 28, the opening NFL odds at Sports Betting shot up from 49.5 to 52.5. Of course for that to happen, their opponent, Pittsburgh, has to be considered a willing participant to either score or give up points.

Coach Andy Reid has assembled a contingent of offensive playmakers, each with the ability to not only gain a vast amount of yards on one play but to go the distance at any time. Plus, if you watched their game against the Chargers, the Bolts dropped two sure-fire touchdown passes, which would have made that an even higher scoring contest.

Only Cleveland could generate six turnovers and score 21 points. Don’t think the Pittsburgh defense had a lot to do with it as their run defense gave up 177 yards and only the Browns pathetic passing offense saved them.



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